Frequently Asked Questions

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Do we cut or program chip keys?

Yes. We cut and program most keys.

Chip keys can vary in price anywhere from 150.00-350.00 depending whether it's a prox, smart key, remote flip key, or just your typical chip key.

Not all keys are dealer keys only, in fact most keys can be cut and programmed by a skilled local locksmith who has the right equipment. Always make sure the locksmith guarrantees cutting and programing with an exact price before calling one out. 

Should I rekey or change locks after purchasing my new home?


Not rekeying your locks after purchase can leave your home volnurable to theft and yes even for new builds. Many times previous owners, realters, builders or contractors have made spare keys for others to have access to the home or buisness. Why risk it? Rekeying is the most inexpensive way to secure your home or business.

Can we make it so all locks work off of one key?


The best way to explain this is if your able to slide a key into every key hole (key does not have to turn it) then rekeying to have one key to work all locks is possible. If key slides in some but not others then some locks will need to be replaced with compatible locks with the same keyway in order to make it work. This can easily be deteremined over the phone.

What is rekeying?

Rekeying is done without replacement of the entire lock. Rekeying is simply taking out the existing pins or tumblars in the lock and changing them out with a new configuration of the lock thus a new key will function while the old or any existing keys will not.

What forms of payment do we take?

Cash or any major credit card are accepted.

If paying with card, owner of the card user must be present with card and a valid driver license in person in order to sign. Card transactions must be a secured transaction, meaning we cannot take cards over the phone. If this inconvenients you in any way we are truly sorry, this is only for the protection of the card users and our business.

Can we schedule an appointment?


Here at Locksmiths Unlimited we handle all types of emergencies to non-emrgency calls. We understand not all customers have the same ergencies or schedules to have a locksmith take care of their needs or concerns, so what ever yours may be give us a call at 813-300-5190 or go to our contact page and discuss what ever services you may need.